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Mirror Installation: Do You Need Professional Help?

Confused regarding if you need the help of professionals for mirror installation? Mirrors are a basic part of any household or commercial place. With the advancement of mirror technology, you find a range of mirrors in the market, scaling from large to small in all different colors and features. When you choose the mirror for your house, numerous things need to be considered before proceeding further with this process.We will say it directly that mirror installation is not an easy process. You need to mind various things if you want the most efficient results. We all know that most of us install mirrors in our house to get a feeling of enlargement in our rooms. Wall mirrors are a perfect solution for small rooms as they can attract light into the room, giving a comfy and spacious feeling.

In this blog, we will discuss various things, such as:

  • mirrors and their installation process
  • types of wall mirrors
  • what questions you must ask yourself if you are using the DIY approach
  • why you need professional mirror installation services

Let’s start by knowing a little about mirrors and installation.

Understanding Mirrors And Installation

As we discussed before, mirrors come in all shapes & sizes, while most of these are made of a thin metal layer applied on a sheet of adhesion. Most mirror products are produced by spraying or silvering a layer of aluminum or silver on the sheet of glass back.

Acrylic mirrors are generally used in big areas such as studio walls or gyms. By using lead-less and low-iron glass, most high-quality mirrors are manufactured. They are famous because they offer the cleanest reflective capability and are distortion-free.

But not to forget, as a big size of glass is coming into use, it is better that you call for professional mirror installation services. However, you can’t call any professional for this installation process. An untrained installer can cause more harm than good for your house. Window Repair US Inc is a certified professional service provider that deals with all kinds of window repair and installment services. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a household or commercial place; our trained experts can do it effectively.

Besides this, it is advised that you don’t do the mirror installation yourself. You can face accidents, and untrained hands can cause future problems such as a loose mirror, overtime instability, or even worse, i.e., sliding off and a broken mirror.

A popular application of wall mirrors is the frameless mirror. This type of mirror is cut down to custom size and glued to the wall using a specially made mirror adhesive. They can easily blend with the surface of a wall and are generally used on restroom walls, columns, bars, and other high-traffic locations.

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General Wall Mirror Installations Types

Generally speaking, there are six types of common wall mirror installations.

i. Mirrored Walls For Gyms

Gym wall mirrors are installed for a very good reason. Gyms contain mirrors that assist people in looking at their posture and technique while they perform exercises. Mind muscle connection is really essential during exercise, and these mirrors just do that for the individuals by giving them a clean look at their muscles. 

Gym mirror installation is really common in places that face regular crowds. Most professionals go for thicker wall mirror glasses, which are much stronger than standard ones. A special process is used when installing them on walls which helps in preventing the problem of cracked glass pieces in case of accidental breakage.

ii. Home Gyms Mirrors

Are you a person who enjoys home gym and workouts? With the wall mirror installation in your home workout room, you can get the feeling of a professional-looking home gym. Also, the wall mirror can “enlarge” the room and enhance your workout experience.

iii. Wall Mirrors For Ballet Studio

The use of wall mirrors in gyms and ballet studios has been prominent. Also, in these studios, you will see multiple wall mirror installations. For budding ballerinas, having a clear and unconfined view is necessary.

iv. Mirrors For A Martial Arts Studio

Students and instructors of martial studios always require mirror installation. And there are many cases in which dojo wall mirrors are considered the same as training tools. These mirrors offer a clear and unrestricted view and are also of strong make, which is essential in places like dojos where accidental breakage has much higher chances. 

v. Residential Wardrobe Mirrors

This type of mirror has been gaining massive popularity recently and is becoming a direct replacement for conventional wardrobe mirrors. This mirror gives you a feel of a bigger wardrobe and improved room lighting. Numerous rooms in your household can gain benefits with the wall mirror installation.

vi. Wall Mirrors For Bedroom

Bedroom wall mirrors are a major part of aesthetics and functionality. Instead of going for various wardrobe mirrors, you can try the wall mirrors for the bedroom that offer a sense of light and enlargement.

DIY Approach Or Expert Wall Mirror Installation?

If you are thinking of going with the DIY approach for the wall mirror installation, then there are questions you need to answer before proceeding further. 

Q1. Do You Own The Right Hardware And Equipment?

Are you familiar with the correct procedure for glass and mirror installation? Or do you own the recommended tools & equipment for this process? Professional services are highly recommended for your safety if you cannot answer these questions. You may do some expenditure on the tools & hardware, but this may not be the best approach if you are not planning to use them frequently. 

Don’t waste your money on the tools you will never use again. Instead, use professional mirror installation services that save you hardware expenses, time, and energy.

Q2. What’s The Size Of The Mirror?

The size of a mirror is a deciding factor in whether professional services are needed or not. Mirrors that are oversized, randomly shaped, floor-to-ceiling, or weighty require the assistance of the experts such as Window Repair US Inc. People who are not experts in handling such heavy mirrors may not proceed with the DIY approach. The reason is that failing to secure the heavy mirror properly can lead to serious injuries and damage.

Q3. What Is The Number Of Mirrors That Require Installation?  

Single mirror installation seems fairly easy when the DIY approach is concerned, but this may not be true in the case of multiple pieces of glass. For multiple glass installations, professional service is much better as they can reduce the installation time significantly while keeping you safe. Besides this, professionals can offer some interesting installation styles which may make your home look like an art gallery.

Q4. What’s The Place For Mirror Installation?

The last question to ask yourself is if you can easily reach the place you need to install the mirror or not. If the answer is no, go for professional mirror installation services. Professionals know all the safety measures and techniques to install mirrors in any area, whether crowded, high, or challenging.

What Are The Advantages Of Professional Mirror Installation?

Numerous advantages come with professional mirror installation, but here we will explain the top four.

1. No Installation Damage

Professional services are recommended to prevent installation damage. A professional with years of experience in mirror installation will perform the task without breaking the frame, scratching it, or dropping the entire thing. In places like the fireplace and where the furniture is presented, installing the mirror just above them must get done by experts.

2. Secure Mounting

As there are a variety of wall materials and mirror support available, the hanging process may not be as easy as it looks. Incorrect mirror mounting may become loose, which can cause damage and accidents. Even when it’s securely mounted, the chances of it falling because of kids jumping and door slamming are high. Professionals are aware of all the walls and mirror types and only recommend the best installation techniques.

3. Access To A Variety Of Hanging Techniques

Doing the mounting process yourself will end up with the simplest technique. Meanwhile, professionals use hanging materials like L-channel and adhesive that offer better security and looks, which are much better than typical DIY choices.

4. Offers Safety

You do not need to lift the mirror and get into an accident, such as slicing your hand or dropping the mirror on your foot, when you have expert mirror installation services. Experts have access to the tools that make the lifting process much easier, and you can watch the entire process without any risk.

Searching For Expert Mirror Installation Near Me?

The mirror installation process becomes much easier when you have the help of professionals with you. Get a safe and wonderful experience with expert services.

Are you looking for a professional mirror installation near me? Window Repair US Inc offers the best window repair, installment, and replacement services at affordable prices. Our certified specialists will ensure the entire process is smooth. Trust us with the mirror installation, and contact us today!

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