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How Open Windows Lessen the Risk of Coronavirus?

If you have ever got stuck in a bar of cigarette smokers, you know that you cannot protect yourself from their whiff even if you are at another corner of the room. The same thing happens if air conditioning is blowing your way, and so the same happens with a virus. Moreover, when the concentration of air pollutants or contaminants of any virus increases, the first approach toward lowering the concentration is to increase ventilation. Good ventilation removes virus particles and hence reduces surface contamination before they fall out of the air on the land surface. The same concept goes for the novel coronavirus, which has infected a large crowd of people together. 

When COVID-19 hit the world, the majority of the people, in order to protect themselves and their families, took various measures that were ineffective or were even the wrong steps. One of the most commonly found measures by the people was locking themselves entirely in their spaces, i.e., not even allowing the proper ventilation in the house. The step was even harsh for people infected by COVID in their area. However, just as ventilation is essential for decreasing other viruses’ contamination from a room, it is also crucial for decreasing the contamination of novel coronavirus.

Why Are Open Windows Important For Decreasing The Effect Of COVID-19?

In 2020, research was done by 200 scientists on the spread of COVID – 19. The research resulted that apart from getting in touch or being in contact with droplets sprayed from the mouth and nose of the infected person, the COVID virus has another route to travel, the aerosols. Aerosols are very tiny airborne particles of liquid and material that hangs up in the air for longer durations. So when these aerosols contact the coronavirus, they float in the air and spread much further. Moreover, these aerosols stay up longer in the air. So a person is more likely to get infected by the virus through aerosols even if he is at a distance from the infected person inside the room or house. 

To protect yourself and your family members from the COVID-19 infection and infected person, it is imperative that you keep your windows open. An open window helps the virus escape and hence decreases the number of infected air particles, leading to a lower risk of infection. Unfortunately, there have been many cases last year where people got infected by the coronavirus while having lunch or meeting in a closed space with no windows. Thus, having at least one open window in every room is vital for every building to stop coronavirus spread.

Open Windows Are Doors For Safe Indoors

The air exchange method is the best process to remove virus aerosols. And the easiest way to carry the air exchange method is to open the windows. In addition, the air exchange process helps you replace the infected air with fresh air. Moreover, if there is a cross-ventilation option, the air exchange method becomes more beneficial and effective.

We have always been taught about the importance of ventilation in every building. But, with the advancement of technologies and HVAC systems, we have adopted the lifestyle of being packed in a building with no ventilation process. This compact lifestyle is slowly hampering our health and making our fight with coronavirus more challenging. So, just open your windows, and let the fresh air come inside. The fresh air will replace the infected air, giving you a healthy and positive environment inside your rooms. And, if you find any window of your building broken or damaged, whether residential or commercial, call us, Window Repair US Inc. We send our veteran experts to resolve your window issue as efficiently as possible.

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