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An Expert Tip On Double Hung Window Repair [Problems & Fixes]

A window that keeps falling is frustrating and causes many problems. A little damage to the window can cost you a lot of money. A double-hung window repair is helpful to make your window work properly. These windows allow light and ventilation, making them essential for every home. The popularity of double-hung windows can be seen in older homes. The dual sashes offer good ventilation in a home. With time, these windows fall automatically and cause damage. It is essential to repair it as soon as possible. This post will share an expert tip to repair your double-hung window and various problems.

What Is A Double Hung Window?

Before we share the expert tip on double-hung window repair, you need to know about double-hung windows first. A double sash window is a classic window that consists of dual sashes. It has top and bottom sashes that offer flexible airflow and ventilation facilities. To open the window, you must raise the bottom or lower the top sash. For the dual opening, you can put both of the sashes in the middle of the window. 

These classic windows can be seen in the old house. However, the new homes have a hung aluminum window with one operable sash. The latest window has one upper fixed sash and one operable sash. Most double-hung windows are of the wooden frame, some of which operate with weights on sash rope.

Diagnose A Problem For Double Hung Window Repair

A double-hung window repair is needed when your window is not working properly. In the case of double sashes, you might face difficulty moving them. People face problems as the sash falls from top to bottom automatically. In such conditions, various homeowners use wooden dowels and sturdy books to protect them. It would be best if you diagnosed your dropping window first to choose the best repair option for it.

  • The ordinary windows move or open horizontally. Their casement and A-wing open in the outward direction from the frame. At the same time, the double-hung window opens or moves vertically.
  • The vertical movement of these windows makes them susceptible to serious damage. When the window loses its grip on a frame, it keeps falling automatically. Such a condition is known as a “dropped window.” In this condition, the sashes of the window are hard to stay open.
  • It is the most common problem people face with double-hung windows. You can tackle the little problems with proper repair information and tools. You will need a flathead screwdriver to fix the issues. However, if the problem is huge and causes damage to sashes, you might need a good double-hung window repair near me.

Other Problems That Might Lead To Double Hung Window Repair

Apart from the falling sashes automatically, other common problems might also lead to double-hung window repair. These windows are among the common types of windows that can be seen in the older home. It means there are huge chances that these windows get damaged with time. If you have a double sash window, you might face these problems.

  • Damaged Balance Springs

These windows keep falling because of their broken balance springs; As the double-hung window operates vertically, it requires at least two balance springs to support its weight. The broken balance springs mean the window doesn’t have anything to support its movement.

In such conditions, a double sash window might close on its own. As a result, there are huge chances of damage to the window sashes. If you have found damaged balance springs in your window, you should urgently find double-hung window repair near me.

  • Rotten Window Frame

The majority of the double-hung window is made from wood. The wooden frame of these windows can easily swell the humidity. It is difficult to see the swelling or rotten window frame initially. The swelling frame makes it difficult to open or close the window. Even when the humidity gets normal, the same problem occurs. If you want your window to function well in every condition, you should take double hung window repair service.

  • The Problem With Sliding Track

Another problem you might face is the sticky sliding track. A double-hung window is stuck when the sliding track is too sticky. It is a sign that your sliding track needs lubrication. To solve this issue, you can add silicone or another lubricant to make it smooth. It is best to clean the sliding track before applying the lubricant to it. You can do it yourself or hire a professional double-hung window repair near me.

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How To Fix A Double Hung Window By Yourself That Keeps Falling?

The double-hung window that keeps falling brings frustration. The problem doesn’t mean you need to replace the whole window. Such issues can easily be repaired with a simple approach. You can do a double-hung window repair by following the simple steps. Follow this step-by-step to fix your double-hung window that keeps falling:


  • First, you must find the balance shoe for your double-hung window repair. Each section of this window is called a sash. As you know, there are two sashes: A top and bottom sash in the double-hung window. The lower sash of this window won’t stay up, which needs repair. A balance shoe easily makes its way to the bottom of the frame; move them down by forcing your window shut so that that window can lock at night.
  • Each double-hung window has a tilt pin on the side. These pins are located in the balance shoe. The tilt pins allow the sash to open upward for easy double-hung window repair. In this step, you need to find a tilt pin which is a small U-shaped metal piece.

Repairing Steps

  • If your tilt pin is in a U-shape, that means it is in a locked position. For double-hung window repair, you need to unlock the tilt pin. To unlock it, place your flathead screwdriver into the pin and move it in the 45-degree left direction. The tilt pin will be in C-shape when unlocked.
  • Now, reset the tilt pin, which sits at the bottom of the window frame. Position your balance shoe approximately 2 inches from the bottom of your window’s sash. After positioning your balance shoe, relock the pin. Again, use your flathead screwdriver to turn the tilt pin-up gently. During the relock, the tilt pin will turn back to a U-shape.
  • Next, adjust the lower sash of your double-hung window. For this, move your window down to the point where you reset the balance shoe. Bring the lower sash outward to realign the bottom window with a balance shoe. In this double-hung window repair, remove the tilt latches of the lower sash.
  • Give a gentle pound on both sides of your window where the balance shoe and lower sash meet. When you give a firm pound on the left and right side, you should hear a small pop when tilt pin and balance shoe re-engage. You can take the help of someone in this step of double-hung window repair.
  • In the final step, position the lower sash back into its place. Ensure the tilt latch of both sashes is hooked perfectly into the frame. Test your double-hung window by moving it up and down. Also, check whether it stays open in place for a longer time. If everything works fine, then your DIY double-hung repair is successful.

What If I Face The Same Issue After Following These Steps?

If you face any problem while fixing the window, it would be best to take a double-hung window repair near me. A window repair specialist can offer a permanent solution to your problems. Search the nearby window repair service by using your location. You will find various window repair companies near you. Discuss the issue you face with your double-hung window. After consulting with an expert, choose the repair service according to your needs or budget.


A double sash window is popular and You can see it in many old houses. Many common problems might lead to double-hung window repair. One of the major problems is the falling window sash. Diagnosing the problem and using simple steps to repair it yourself is important. Follow the step-by-step guide mentioned above to fix this issue. You can use the professional window repair service to fix various problems permanently.

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