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Common Window Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid.

Who can say that they love window cleaning? No one, right? Despite being one of the critical parts of keeping your space and incoming air clean, no one likes cleaning windows. We know that windows are the most prone area to dirt, dust, mildew, and other debris. But rarely do we think about or take the burden to clean our windows. However, if ever we plan to clean our windows, we rarely give attention to the equipment or chemical we are using for the windows. However, window cleaning is essential, and once in a while, every person should get their windows cleaned, either themself or by external help.

Importance Of Window Cleaning

A window is a crucial part of our buildings. From providing good ventilation to letting the natural air and light enter our spaces, windows play a vital role. But, what happens when our window is dirty, and how does it affect us? Windows are much more than a showpiece in our building; they have their own functionalities. A clean window allows the fresh air to enter our indoor spaces in clean and pure form. 

Moreover, a dirty window affects the overall heat efficiency of our building because the dirt particles on the window reflect more UV light, thus preventing the space from becoming warm during winters. Furthermore, a dirty window will undoubtedly deteriorate your window life. Thus, keeping your window clean is as important as keeping the doors clean.

Mistakes To Avoid While Window Cleaning

When it is time to clean the windows of our space, we most promptly commit a few mistakes that unconsciously affect the window’s life. So, here are five common mistakes we need to avoid while cleaning the windows.

Avoiding Beforehand Dusting

One of the most prominent mistakes we make is that we do not know the importance of dusting the windows beforehand. Beforehand dusting helps you see stains and debris more clearly while cleaning your windows. It also prevents streaks formation on the windows.

Not Giving Importance To Cleaning Spray

While cleaning our windows, we just ignore the cleaning spray and use harsh cleaners that cause streaks and other issues with the window’s appearance. Most of the time, we take up the common cleaning agent available in our kitchens and bathrooms to clean the windows, which harshly affects the glasses of the windows. Therefore, getting a window cleaner is important for a perfect cleaning as it doesn’t affect your glasses and helps remove dirt and grime minutely.

Ignoring The Frame Of The Window

When we clean the windows, we focus on the glass portion and forget the frame most of the time. As a result, you are left with crystal clear glass but dusty frames and many fingerprints on them. So, next time you are cleaning your windows, remember the frames and handles and clean them.

Outside Glass Is Left Uncleaned

A window appears clean when you can clearly see the outside world, the raindrops are crystal clear, and the nights appear beautiful from your window. However, these things are possible only when you clean your window glasses from the outside. When we are running late or are very tired, we often forget to clean the windows from the outside, which is not ideal. Therefore, next time you are cleaning your windows, remember to clean them from the outside.

Improper Drying Technique

One of the most important steps to get clean windows is drying them. So, to assure that the windows don’t fog or get streaks after drying, use a squeegee instead of a rag cloth. Moreover, using microfiber cloths for dusting the windows and not for cleaning will give you much better results.


Window cleaning is a tricky job and needs extra attention. So, hiring a professional window cleaner is much better than investing your energy and not getting satisfactory results. Moreover, if you find any damage to any windows in your building, commercial or residential, or a part of any window that needs to be repaired, call us, Windows Repair US Inc. We provide you with the best window repairing service in the town.


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